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April 19, Cipriani Wall Street



Ask the White Guy: Why Is Trayvon a White-on-Black Crime?

Ask the White Guy, Luke Visconti, DiversityInc CEOLuke Visconti’s Ask the White Guy column is a top draw on Visconti, the founder and CEO of DiversityInc, is a nationally recognized leader in diversity management. In his popular column, readers who ask Visconti tough questions about race/culture, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability and age can expect smart, direct and disarmingly frank answers.

Reader comment:
Very, very tragic situation. They should have arrested Zimmerman. I can understand the outrage. I don’t understand the perception that this is a white on Black crime.

* UPDATE: Zimmerman was charged with second-degree murder on April 11,2012.

Thank you for sensitively expressing your desire for understanding. Asking is the first step toward gaining clarity. Asking with care builds bridges.

This is absolutely about white on Black. Please read my original column about Trayvon Martin to see my full explanation on “Stand Your Ground” laws.

Not understanding about this not being a white-on-Black crime is related to white privilege. White people can look at Trayvon’s murder as a horrible incident in isolation. We white people do not have to live under the context of a pattern of injustice—we cannot see the forest; we just see the trees. Most white people have no awareness of white privilege, and even if they do, it’s impossible to truly understand it from the perspective of being an outsider.

There’s a mechanical/legal reason for not arresting Zimmerman, but it is part of a pattern: The (white) police chief didn’t arrest Zimmerman because the police chief and the prosecutor don’t do things that ruin their arrest/prosecution percentages. Every state that passed the “Stand Your Ground law” has the same problem—judges can dismiss the case before the trial begins under the concept of “true immunity” based on a “Stand Your Ground” assertion.

The legal situation before the National Rifle Association started advocating the “Stand Your Ground” law and got it passed in 21 states was that an armed person was expected to back down from a confrontation. The combination of “Shall Issue” with “Stand Your Ground” equates to legalized lynching because there are too many guys like Zimmerman packing pistols.

Zimmerman gets to be the current poster boy for the widespread and historical practice of a white police force of a southern small town not arresting the murderer of a Black person. It’s a reminder that non-majority people STILL live in a United States where the powers that be in stinky little towns can put their heel on the head of anyone they wish. The cliché is that little southern town in Lowndes County, but I sure wouldn’t want to have to live in Arizona if I were Latino—and the south is not alone; just try Driving While Black in Clark, N.J.

The facts and figures are unarguable: Non-white people are food for the prison-industrial complex. The laws and law enforcement are geared up for a disparate and often capricious application of the law. We’ve gotten better as a nation, but the end results tell the tale: We imprison almost eight times the per-capita average of the rest of the world (yet Zimmerman walks free!) Almost 60 percent of prisoners are Black and Latino. The War on Drugs started in 1970—what kind of war would we still be fighting 42 years later if we weren’t winning? It all depends on how you define winning. Drugs are more available and are CHEAPER than they were in 1970, but the prison industry is a howling success! Who are we REALLY having a war on? Our Black and Latino neighbors, that’s who. Nobody but a sadist would describe anything about “Stand Your Ground” or the War on Drugs as “winning.”

If I were the police chief, I’d have arrested the murderer just to know that I did the right thing. If the prosecutor didn’t want to advance the case because he/she was afraid to hurt their conviction percentage, that’s on his/her hands. If the judge wanted to dismiss it because of “Stand Your Ground,” that’s on his/her hands. But if you just don’t care about a young Black man in a hoodie (or if you’re a coward/bully/moral cypher with a badge and a gun), then you do what’s politically expedient.

What makes Trayvon so powerful is his absolute innocence and that he was a very handsome young man. With no due respect for Sen. Santorum, what “makes me want to throw up” is that the less beautiful and less innocent around us get ground to bits without anyone hearing a sound or seeing a picture or knowing their names—in gigantic numbers. The patterns are what make this a white-on-Black crime.

I don’t want to close on a totally negative note. My sense is that we will see justice for Trayvon and that it may lead to a greater justice in repealing “Stand Your Ground” in less recalcitrant states. We also now know the power of social media—we don’t need to wait for a white reporter at The Sanford Herald to point a finger at his/her white neighbor. We can take communications in our own hands and Stand OUR Ground. Good—but it won’t let Trayvon grow up to be a man.

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  • The “Stand your Ground” law needs some refinement, if not repeal. At the very least, this case will probably hold that a legally armed citizen cannot be an aggressor. If Zimmerman was pursuing Trayvon aggressively, he’ll probably be found guilty of homicide in some degree. If Zimmerman had lost sight of Trayvon and was just wandering around calmly, and was then attacked by Trayvon, he might be acquitted. If nobody can prove what actually happened, expect chaos in the courtroom.

  • I am a mother of a young son and it scares me everyday that he can lose his life by the color of his skin and the way he dresses. Many people have lost their lives for ignorance and is truly appalling and sad. Sadly, this incident is nothing new police in California some years ago shot a young black woman sleeping in her car because she scared them. How, about when you hear a friends family member was shot by someone for the color of their skin. America is getting worse we are showing our hatred for people of Non-Anglo SAxon descent. Look at the way they ridicule, and speak about the President. America needs to wake up and stop because people of other Nations are watching and using this as an excuse to committs acts of violence against our country. Because they know we don’t even know how to treat each other or tolerate people who look different.

    • I said the very same thing to some California police in our small town when my son was stopped for the huge crime of…get this…jaywalking. I was called at home and asked if could identify some marks on his body. The caller did not choose to inform me that my minor son was being held on the corner across the street and as a parent would I kindly come and get him. No, I was just asked if I could give identifying marks – I thought he was found dead somewhere. Long story short. I ended up complaining to the sergant who wanted to spend his time telling me how much danger cops are in and did I want a ride along? Uh, no thanks. I didn’t know the word “profiling” at that time but I tried to describe how he had been judged based on his appearnance and I told him I worry every time my son walks out of the door, because all I needed was an APB out on someone who robbed a liquor store and although the descrption would not match my son, he would be stopped (as would all black men on the street). And what would happen next is he would probably want to talk back (Why are you stopping me?!. I didn’t do anything!) so some rookie cop could shoot him because he thought he saw something flash in his hand. I couldn’t send him to the store without worrying about him. And having Al Sharpton conducting a protest wouldn’t do a darn thing for me. I called back the individual who had called me asking for identifying remarks and told him in no uncertain terms that if my minor son had been white, he would have identified himself as calling from the police department and explained to me what was going on. He tried to tell me I was making it about race. My response is it is *always* about race because you would have treated this differently otherwise. I once stopped him at the age of 12 from walking out of the house with a red plastic water gun because I was afraid someone would call the cops and he could get shot while playing a game with other kids. I doubt white mothers worry that their sons will get shot on the street for the color of their skin – but we do. And now we don’t have to just worry about the cops shooting our sons but ordinary citizens. If black cops were shooting white suspects at the rate that white cops shoot black ones, the entire justice system would be shut down until some radical changes were made. It simply would not be tolerated. Oh, and last, the cops thought he was in a gang because all black boys are in a gang. Uh, no (never), he was walking home from a friend’s house. He could have died right there on the corner across from his home, while I was there taking nap. He’s a adult now, but I still worry.

  • My response to the question as to why the Trayvon, Zimmerman case
    perceived my many as a “white on Black Crime” in my opinion is because of the facts of the case as know it via the media, e.g.
    Trayvon Martin was a Black person, George Zimmerman is a man of
    mix racial origin, e.g. Latino mother and white father. Within our current society, white people are still considered the predominant race, so what else would you consider Zimmerman as being. Additionally, all of the prior tape recordings from Zimmerman to the police and 911, he always referred to other men in his neighborhood that he was profiling as “suspicious looking Black men” which indicates to me that he himself made the racial distinction, in other words Zimmerman did not consider himself as being ethnic.

  • I will chime in where I suspect others have gone before. If the roles were reversed in that, an African American male had gunned down a white teen in a hoodie, that Brother would have been in jail hours after the incident, his bail would have bee set impossibly high, which of course ensure his stay indefinitely! Law enforcement wouldn’t have needed the amount of time it spent scratching its collective butt to have turned over heaven and hell, seeking the smallest amount of (dirt) official name evidence, to use against the Brother.

    The white youth would have never been thought to be a threat to anyone so, that card would never have been played and some nonsensical argument would have been stated to show why the Brother wasn’t entitled to the ‘Stand Your Ground” law in Florida, such as…..well, but was he really standing his ground, if he was following the innocent teen?

    On & on & on, because that’s the way it is in AMERICA! Institutional racism still exist in this country, tis not as bad as years gone by but….IT AIN’T OVER, EITHER….NOT BY A LONG SHOT!

    Finally, as for Florida and other states, Stand Your Ground laws, when bad laws are enacted, eventually what comes forth are terribly bad results….case in point…..Rest In Peace….Trayvon….Rest In Peace!

  • This is what I want to say. I enjoyed all the comments I read, some I agree with and others….well….One thing everyone needs to understand is that this country has a history of being racist. When the colonist came from England, they brought it with them. The white culture is the dominant group which controls everything. Blacks, Hispanics, Japanese, Chinese, we have no say in what the dominant group does. This behavior has been handed down from generation to generation. The dominant white group has made it very clear that Blacks or anyone that’s not white has no voice, no matter what we do. If we do decide to stand up and voice an opinion, they rush to shut us up and then enact laws to prevent us from speaking out against the dominant group. How do I know, I’ve done research about it, and I’m amazed on how deep the roots go for racism. It’s just something that’s a part of American culture.

  • Luke, gonna throw the BS flag on you…no one knows what happened that night outside of George and Trayvon (dead)…it is telling when you address George Zimmerman as “Zimmerman” but you address Trayvon Martin as “Trayvon.” Regardless if George did approach Trayvon, Mr. Martin has no right to attack George. I cannot see Trayvon attacking George if a weapon was displayed so it appears that Trayvon approached George (as he admitted to police) to call him out and things went down hill from there. From what I can glean from your bio, you have no credible background when it comes to criminal justice statistics and race…you are a trustee of Bennett College and it appears to be your only brush with people of color so I am at a loss where your expertise comes from. Everyone is quick to find a scapegoat for the failings of a community, i.e. race…and it is the race that has failed themselves. Wedlock births, failure to address the root causes (drugs, black on black crime, pitiful graduation rates) cannot be blamed on society. Having worked 15+ years in law enforcement, 3 years dealing with child support enforcement, and now working with juvenile probationers, at some point in life, a person/race will pick his or herself by the bootstraps and be a success. Stop being a part of the problem with your apologist attitude…

    • Luke Visconti

      Trayvon wasn’t doing anything wrong. Zimmerman put himself in harm’s way against the wishes of law enforcement. If someone attacked me like that, I’d like to think that I’d control myself, but if I were having a bad day, I might try to strike out. Luke Visconti, CEO, DiversityInc

  • Great analysis of the true underlying issues involved in this case. Zimmerman was armed and was clearly the aggressor. You are right that this still occurs on a daily basis all over the country. Zimmerman provoked this incident by his own actions and shoulve been charged with manslaughter but because of a lack of moral courage, he was initially set free. Kudos to the media and to social networks for highlighting this injustice for the world to see.

  • I have to agree with Mr. Martin. if Trayvon were White, this would not have happened. If he were White, Trayvon probably would have walked home and avoided a conflict with Zimmerman. Instead, Trayvon was filled with Black Racism, Anger, and Hatred of the White Man, and Trayvon committed a crime. Trayvon called Zimmerman a racist name, punched his nose and pounded his head into the ground.

    • Luke Visconti

      I’d imagine it must be comforting, in a small-minded way, to be able to frame the entire world through a lens of unidimensional bigotry. Luke Visconti, CEO, DiversityInc

  • Read all the posts, most are jumping to conclusions based on their own hate for another group.
    The jury had to consider only one thing, did GZ feel like his life was in danger when TM was sitting on him, hitting him in the face and slamming his head into the sidewalk.
    How they got there does not matter, after all, had GZ not gotten out of bed that morning, he never would have met TM. But he did get up so he is therefore a racist.
    Had TM not gotten kicked out of school, he would not have been there—I am only glad most of you are not on the jury. GZ and others would be strung up from the nearest lamp post.

    • May Zimmerman’s next career step be patrolling your neighborhood. Luke Visconti, CEO, DiversityInc

    • The problem with comments like these is that they dismiss what Zimmerman himself said and did.
      I just don’t know how people believe Zimmerman. Trayvon Martin punched and slapped him about 25 times each. He slammed his head repeatedly, He jumped out from behind some bushes and attacked him while Zimmerman himself said that he saw the young man and walked towards him. Martin also pinched his nose and covered him mouth. He also went for a black gun at night that was in Zimmermans waist at his back. Martin also told him that he was going to die tonight. If we add all of that up, we have a situation that really makes no sense at all. Zimmerman knew what to say, thus he was told he was going to die and the kid was reaching for his gun, so he had to shoot him.

      And the question is still to be answered, what was Zimmerman doing for two minutes. Why didn’t he get back to his car after “looking for an address”? Do people really believe he did not go looking for the kid.

      Lastly, just becuause you get beaten up, it does not mean you did not start the fight. Zimmernans wounds mean nothing as far as how the fight started. How was on top means nothing either . The issue is he murdered the kid so we have no idea.

      What a sad state of affairs that we are in. Judge someone incorrectly, gun them down and the right all but make a parade and drag the young man through the mud even thought Zimmerman was the one who was in trouble with the law on more than one occasion.

      Sick as heck.

      • Luke Visconti

        People who are driven to defend Zimmerman are motivated by a very organized messaging campaign that caters to racist tendencies. We’ve had dozens of comments (which I didn’t post) that were from different people (we track IP addresses) yet had the same points. In my opinion, the gun lobby is behind this. The combination of “Stand Your Ground” laws and “Shall Issue” concealed-weapons permits have sparked a huge sales boom in handguns. The gun industry turns out new models weekly and is very good at selling the latest-greatest to men. It even works for illegal gun users: The murders occurring in our inner-cities are done with the latest model handguns—purchased illegally, most through straw buyers—and the gun manufacturers could tell us exactly where they were sold and which gun dealers do the most bulk sales. It’s all about money. Luke Visconti, CED, DiversityInc

  • Ado Christian

    This site blocks comments that are controversial. Not much room for discussion here. I won’t be back for any more of your censorship. Have fun preaching to your own choir, people.

    • Luke Visconti

      We receive comments from a seemingly endless pool of sad little trolls. I will not allow this publication to be used. Many publications limit comments for the same reason Luke Visconti, CEO, DiversityInc

  • How do we get the people who rallied for Trayvon Martin to rally behind the white boy who was brutally beaten on a school bus by 3 black boys? Surely they are disgsted by this blatantly racist behavior.

    • Luke Visconti

      How was that “racist”? The child who was beaten up told school officials (properly) that his three assailants were dealing drugs. That’s why he got a beat down. The school officials who allowed this to happen deserve to be fired. BTW, just because Fox tells you to do something doesn’t mean you can’t think for yourself. Now here’s a question for you: How do we get you to rally behind reforming gun laws in the wake of Sandy Hook? Luke Visconti, CEO, DiversityInc

      • Isn’t black on white crime racist? What about the Australian man who was shot by three black youths while jogging? Is that racist? Wouldn’t it be called racist if three white youths shot a black jogger for entertainment? Am I racist for asking these questions? It’s very difficult to tell how the “diversity” ideology addresses questions like these. It’s almost like any crime a white person commits where the victim is a minority is racist but any crime a minority person commits against a white person is just another crime. That seems racist to me.

        As for Sandy Hook, which proposed gun laws would have prevented a scheming person from stealing legally owned guns, murdering the gun owner, and then shooting innocent children and teachers? Theft and murder are already crimes. So was carrying a firearm onto school property. He probably also drove with a loaded rifle in his car which is illegal in most places. What exactly are you proposing on top of those laws?

        • Luke Visconti

          Black-on-white crime (in this country) can be bigoted, but not racist. It could also just be crime. You’re not a racist for asking the question, but your tone may lead people to conclude you’re a racist for asking the question in certain way. For example, you’re commenting on an article about Trayvon Martin’s murder and using the Australian jogger as a way to attempt to build an equivalent argument. One has nothing to do with the other, and your use as such to promote a point of view can lead people to think you’re a racist. At the very least it’s grossly insensitive. I realize false equivalencies are promoted on a daily basis on Fox News, but there are repercussions in the workplace (and in your personal relationships) for parroting what you hear there. My hunch is that you’re an intentional—a troll. You’re using an intimidating email like “jumpkickjon” but your IP address tells me you sent this from work (the company name is attached to the IP address). On the off chance that you’re not a troll, please understand that’s how you come across.

          Regarding Sandy Hook, my comments should be taken with this context: I’m a master-rated rifleman, received an expert medal for pistol shooting in the Navy and am pretty handy with a shotgun. That said, people should be responsible for the storage of their firearms as a responsibility inherent of the people being a “well regulated militia.” Under no circumstance should an assault weapon be accessible to a person with known mental-health issues like Adam Lanza. In my opinion, society should not allow people to have their own discretion about this—just as we have regulations concerning automobile licenses. Proper and secure storage is the very basis of an “armory” in the pre-Revolutionary War context. Luke Visconti, CEO, DiversityInc

  • Why is the rare instance of a black as the victim of a violent crime by another race constantly shoved down our throats, while we never hear anything about the thousands of white women who are raped, murdered, or both by black males each year? I know why, and so does Luke..but do you anti-whites know? You are being patronized by the devil, please come to your senses. Why do you non-whites allow yourselves to be patronized by liberal scum? Don’t you realize they are only using you as tools to turn what used to be prosperous nations into debt riddled communist cesspools.

    Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, White countries for EVERYONE..until the whites are affirmative actioned out of existence. This is genocide. Luke Visconti and his puppet masters are genocidal marxist pieces of filth and as sure as the sky is blue they distain you non-whites more than any of the ‘racists’ or ‘white supremecists’ or ‘nazis’ or whatever the controlled media brainwashes you into believing who your real enemy is. Your real enemy is people like Luke Visconti, who patronize you and view you as nothing more than a means to an end. The end is not good for any of us, especially you genocidal lunatic. You are a race baiter and lower than a worm’s belt buckle. You instigate conflict between is your job..and you know it. How does it feel to make a living off degeneracy? You racial tension instigating, lying, deceptive, calculated sociopath.

    Non-whites..please, use your senses. Please have more pride in yourselves than to allow liberals and marxists patronize you. You are only being used by them as a means to an end, or for personal gain..not your own benefit. Oh who am I kidding..of course you won’t let this through Luke. I would say I’ll see you in hell..but only one of us is going there and it isn’t me.

    • Luke Visconti

      I’ll let this one through as a teachable moment: When you heard Donald Trump question the President’s birth certificate; when you heard Larry Pratt say African (immigrants) don’t have the “surliness” of African-Americans; when white Americans cheered the acquittal of George Zimmerman after being fed a sub-rosa diet of character assassination against Trayvon—always keep in mind that this white-supremacist, neo-Nazi philosophy is at the core of it. This website is bombarded by it, and I’m sure many of you have seen unmoderated mainstream-publication websites bombarded with these messages. Why would a hater spend their time doing this? They’re being directed. This is organized. The talking points are in alignment. It drifts over into your workplace as the folks who read the websites that have names which include “patriot” in them expound on the “knowledge” they’ve picked up. It drags down your workforce, makes people hate going to work and destroys productivity. Luke Visconti, CEO, DiversityInc

  • The mere fact that you capped “mixed race” & several other phrases gives a tone of defensiveness & justification.

    I don’t think anyone believes all whites are bad or evil. But the murder of this young man, Martin, and now 2 more murdered leans heavily toward Mr. Visconti’s statement about “legalized lynching”.

  • Black on white crime can be racist same as the other way around. The race and color issue are not a one way street. It appears that people responding here that have a different point of view from Luke’s are attacked, even when they’re being polite. Luke you seem to be very uncomfortable with honest and open dialogue, you’re more hostile than my black friends when we have conversations. I’m not a troll either, just being frank.

    • Luke Visconti

      You’re wrong. They can be bigoted, not racist—racism goes from powerful to less powerful.

      And wrong again, some things are so offensive they deserve a decisive response.

      Perhaps you’re mistaking “polite” with a lack of confidence in your intelligence. Luke Visconti, CEO, DiversityInc

      • Leon Trotsky created the term “Racist/Racism” — it is a made up term.
        It has NO history BEFORE the Bolshevik-Communist takeover of Russia – it was used as an “Iron Fist” against the Christians and Patriots of Russia.

        How funny that YOU are continuing in their footsteps – or how appropriate?

        • Luke Visconti

          This is a traditional rant of neo-Nazis. Actually French Count Arthur de Gobineau invented the modern myth of the Aryan master race in his 1853 essay “An Essay on the Inequality of the Human Race.” He advanced a theory that race mixing leads to chaos, a theory advanced today on almost all white-supremacist and neo-Nazi websites as well as by tired old racists like Pat Buchanan.

          So, heil imbecile! “Lou,” try again. Luke Visconti, CEO, DiversityInc

  • I read a great article yesterday about the prevalence of the term “white privilege” as if due to the color of our skin we are all the same. Basically, that is a racist concept is it not? I understand where it comes from, but I don’t think it is fair as not all white people bear the same level of privilege. More importantly it stands to minimize what so many of us have sacrificed and done to get where we are today. It basically says, you’ve earned nothing and it’s all been given to you due to your race. I’m sorry, but that just is not the case. It is a generalization which is what causes, racism. A generalization of one race…

    Can we all be held accountable due to the distorted and ignorant views of others? Is that a fair way to do things? When we talk about diversity, lets talk about the diversity within races and stop pretending all white people are the same or treated the same. That is just not the case, nor has it ever been in the history of this earth!

    Beyond that, I agree with the many points you make but to blame white privilege for the fear of arresting/prosecuting a case that can’t be won is also off base. This is an issue with our SYSTEM, not our colors. It is a political mess within a legal system which needs to be separated out from politics at some point or this type of thing will always continue.

    • Gregg Ward

      Jason, your frustration at feeling like all whites are being blamed for the racism of a few whites is understandable. However, a clearer understanding of the “white privilege” is required. In essence, “white privilege” is about being given respect, deference and service by others – without harassment or discrimination – based solely on being a white person. The sad thing is, most white people aren’t even aware that they have this privilege and just calmly go about their business completely unaware that it is a constant dynamic that impacts their daily lives. White privilege not about blaming white people; it’s about respecting, defering to and serving all white people regardless of whether they are racist or not. Hopefully, that makes sense to you.

      • Really?
        Wow, so my “PRIVILEGE” in this country is so great I should just ignore how I was treated? In middle school with people from minority groups STEALING my LUNCH, STEALING my MONEY, GOING THROUGH MY BACKPACK, HITTING me in the back of the head with objects, and making jokes at White people’s expense because they knew we couldn’t do s**t.

        Going onto high school and having to worry that I might be JUMPED because they liked my shoes, my coat, or just wanted to kick a White person’s @ss???

        You people have a serious mental illness.
        Oh by the way it wasn’t Christianity or Islam that allowed slavery – it was the “other” Abrahamic religion. University level courses sure are grand, so is the ability to use a CRITICAL MIND, something that seems to be lacking in ‘our society’.

        • Luke Visconti

          You say your first name is Lou, yet your email address is “nerdgirl.” You’re extrapolating schoolyard issues to condemn millions of people and WE have mental problems? No wonder you’re a neo-Nazi.

          Can you explain why a good percentage of racists have Charter Communications accounts? It’s the oddest thing. Luke Visconti, CEO, DiversityInc

    • Rosa Williams

      Hello Jason, I agree with some your comments. I do not agree that the system is not about color, that is not to say that whites have not had bad treatment within the system but overall people of color have had much more! The countries history clearly proves that.

  • What do Tim Wise, Abby Ferber, Luke Visconti have in common?

    How is it that so many “Anti-Whites” come from a population that only consists of 2% of the USA’s population? It’s rather interesting. One might wonder if all three’s forefathers were from “Eastern Europe”..? I wonder if McCarthy ever had to monitor their activities…?

    To be a race traitor is nothing to be proud of, and teaching other races that they have the RIGHT to be proud of their accomplishments all the while degrading another race and screaming of racism is pure duplicity.
    But then, you’re people have always been known for their duplicity.

    Just an FYI the term “Racist/Racism” was created by Leon Trotsky to use AGAINST the Christians and Patriots of Russia.
    It was never a “real” term, and it still isn’t.

    The only followers this site could possibly bring in are those completely oblivious to world history from all sides, and have a true lack of understanding of WHO all the players were on the “worlds stage” — this man should be shunned for continuing and spreading IGNORANCE.

    • Luke Visconti

      This is a traditional rant of neo-Nazis. Actually French Count Arthur de Gobineau invented the modern myth of the Aryan master race in his 1853 essay “An Essay on the Inequality of the Human Race.” He advanced a theory that race mixing leads to chaos, a theory advanced today on almost all white-supremacist and neo-Nazi websites as well as by tired old racists like Pat Buchanan. Luke Visconti, CEO, DiversityInc

  • Rosa Williams

    I read all of the replies and found it all very interesting and sad. It looks like everyone can see and admit to the racist problems that still exist. The reality is that it is easier to look at all the wonderful differences in nature/ life on the planet and love it than it is to do the same with humanity, to me that means we have a flaw, not something born within us but imposed upon us.The saddest thing of all is that there is no easy fix.