Are White Men Entitled to Be Angry?

Whites are expected to make up less than half the population by 2042. A DiversityInc reader asks if whites have the right to be angry about their dwindling deep-rooted culture. Read the White Guy's response.

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Ask the White Guy Luke ViscontiThis reader sent a very good question, but it’s long. Here’s the key part of it:

When you feel your value to the society and region is dwindling, as a white guy, are you ever entitled to be angry?

I’ve received many e-mails about “reverse discrimination” and “tradition” and I think most are tied to the common human tendency to believe that life is a zero-sum game, i.e., if they win, I lose.

There’s good reason to feel this way. The National Geographic Human Genographic project has proven that humans originated in Africa. Although the trappings of life have changed in the past 200,000 years, the reality is that we’re still tribal–and deeply suspicious of other tribes–as was necessary for survival in an environment of limited resources.

If the other tribe kills the antelope, our tribe will go hungry. So we don’t like them–and we may have to kill them.

It is a “zero-sum” error to think that diversity diminishes white men. The actual situation is that preserving white dominance has been proven to diminish white men.

Unfortunately, some people would prefer to attempt to preserve the dominance of their “tribe” even when they understand the negative repercussions of doing so. The natural desire to gravitate to power (or try to become part of the dominant tribe) enables them to coerce other people to join them.

That’s how you end up with the Confederate Army consisting mostly of white non-slave owners fighting for slave-owning wealthy people who wouldn’t socialize with them under any other circumstance–and whose very essence of retaining wealth (owning enslaved people to provide free labor) was exactly opposite to their ability to gain wealth (free white people being paid for their labor).

To answer your question, I think it’s natural to feel that a change in the status quo is a loss for those who are dominant at the time. It’s natural to get angry about it. But it’s counterproductive because success in remaining dominant will result in decreasing wealth and power. You will become a larger fish only because the pond is decreasing. The problem with that philosophy is that no fish survive when the pond dries out.

If you’re a white man in this society, the only logical (and if you’re running a business, the most profitable) course of action is to orient yourself with the stream of humanity struggling to be free and achieve their human potential (life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness). If you’re an American, the only tribe you need to be concerned about is the tribe that supports and defends the Constitution. It’s difficult for the human mind to be that inclusive, but it is the only way for our country to be sustainable.

Full Question:

When I was in Florida, the election of [former] Gov. Jeb Bush, whose wife was Mexican, led to a rule that state documents, especially the homepage for the state, had to be translated into Spanish. Approximately 30 percent of Floridians as of that time spoke Spanish as their first language and some did not speak English. But the state employees doing this work were in North Florida.

I was intolerant of comments such as “If you live here, learn to speak English.” I had grown up in New York, where many folks who once lived in Puerto Rico live, and as long as the U.S. insists it must have that island nation as a protectorate, the fact is not all U.S. citizens speak English.

There is real sadness in some old Floridians, which I can appreciate. Evidently, environmental damage from the creation of Disney, the draining of the Everglades and so on has affected the whole state in a very dramatic way. There has without doubt been a reduction in the quality of life for some residents.

The anger underlying the remarks, invariably made by white men, seemed to have to do with their sense of displacement as the “real Floridians.” The immigrant rarely appreciates that he alters the culture of the folks who lived there before, but in fact each of us who moves does so.

Once, North Florida was a highly insular environment with a common culture. This has evidentially changed in great measure. Such enormous changes in one’s social milieu– all of which must feel like loss–must be extremely hard for the Floridians with family roots there. To have everything you knew as a child swept away, when consistency and tradition are core values for you, must be very painful.

I rather regret being quite so unfeeling. The fact is, Florida is not New York. The things said offended me terribly, but in fact, I never did learn to speak Spanish. The speakers whom I criticized so harshly did not intend to hurt me.

I remain somewhat at a loss about all this. When you feel your value to the society and region is dwindling, as a white guy, are you ever entitled to be angry?

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  • Too much to say. We all know that there were slaves of different colors or races but the accomodations were different (Upgraded)no matter how bad.

    The backlash was different. During the fight for freedom the signs did not read SLAVES ONLY or FREE MEN ONLY, They read WHITES ONLY or BLACKS ONLY. This could go on and on and I like these discussions but I need to know, ANRY AT WHO???. ARE WE ALL ANGRY AT THE SAME PEOPLE OR ISSUES.A chnage in history wont make a difference, It takes a change in heart.

  • I think that an “enriched” vocabulary is appropriate at times. This publication addresses issues that get people upset. Of the hundreds of columns I’ve written, it is very rare that I go that far, but I’m not going use temperate words in addressing people who would insinuate that any part of the blame for American slavery was due to Africans. There is a concept of scale and guilt – one which you bring to the forefront.

    As far as Africans enslaving Europeans, on what scale do you think that happened compared to the damage European countries did to the African people during the roughly one hundred years of colonial rule? Probably about ten million to one.

    Your email indicates that you are from Germany. European countries – including Germany – should consider raising an army large enough to provide peace-keeping operations in their former colonies. European countries enriched themselves by pillaging raw materials and not paying the indigenous population for them. Colonization killed millions of people. The killing goes on today. Europeans have some work to do. Pick up your rations and rifle and get aboard the troop ship. Have a nice decade.

    I will note that your country apologized to the Jewish people and paid reparations for crimes against humanity and genocide during World War II. America should do the same for our African Americans. Since the time span between crime and recompense is longer, reparations can’t be paid to individuals, so we’ll have to treat populations who are not doing as well as the rest of America – remedial high quality education and land grants would make a good start.

  • Mr Visconti, the one who is being hateful and insulting is you. Of course the comment abouve, that Africans also enslaved Europeans is completely true as the whole post as a matter of fact is. This doesn’t change the misdeeds of America and the resposibility arising from it. But being a veteran doesn’t give you the right to insult and demean a person for stating facts that matter to this person and to start some ridiculous assuptions about “filthy rooms” and “chicken shit” and “Star Wars Action Figueres”. I usually agree with your opinion on most things but I cannot agree on unacceptable, hateful and insulting assuptions about people stating facts.

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