Are School Vouchers the Solution?

Question: Hello, what do you think of school vouchers? And, the discrepancy between inner-city schools and suburban schools with funding?

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Question:Ask the White Guy Luke Visconti
Hello, what do you think of school vouchers? And, the discrepancy between inner-city schools and suburban schools with funding?

In his book Shame of a Nation, Jonathan Kozol documents the vast difference in public-school funding between schools that serve Black and brown students and those that serve white students. This distinction, by the way, is not difficult to make because, as Kozol documents, schools are more segregated than ever before in our history.

Vouchers are not a good solution—however, until school funding is equalized, I don’t see how I can be against them. I am fortunate enough to give my children the best possible education. I’d like that option to be open to everyone. The problem is that if the best and brightest leave the public-school system, what happens to the kids left behind?

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  • All of my kids went to private or charter school after walking into our local public school. I guess there would be more order in a zoo with no zoo keepers and all of the animals had gotten loose. It was total chaos and there was no way I would subject my children to that mess. As a divorced mother of three my first priority îs to protect and so we walked in and right back out. They have all since graduated but not from any public school. It took working 2 jobs but remembering that day made it woth my effort.

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