Are Blacks ‘Stuck’ Because They Blame Others?

A reader asks if Blacks are stuck in the past because they can't "get over" color. No, says the White Guy, as well as another reader -- ignoring the past's impact on today is by far the bigger danger.

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Ask the White Guy Luke ViscontiAre we stuck in the past because we can’t ‘get over’ color, asks one reader?  No, says the White Guy, as well as another reader, whose comments appear after the White Guy’s. 

Mr. Visconti,

I agree with all your points made to the white female, however, I did not see you respond to her comment about moving on and concentrate on the future. Being a European, having lived in the US, my impression is that there is a tendency to holding on to wrongdoings in the past – which Americans are not alone in doing, by the way. I do believe that we should know our history, but that we need to focus on the better for the future – if not, we just get stuck and we keep blaming someone else for our problems.


Thank you for an educational site.

-Sunniva Heggertveit


Thank you for your feedback.


You’re right – we can’t go forward by lingering in the past, but the reader’s comments were so ignorant, I didn’t think it was possible to address the future in my answer.


Regarding your e-mail: Since the entire column was about African Americans, I’ll make the logical connection that your comments about being “stuck” included them.


I don’t think African Americans are “stuck” because they’re “blaming someone else.” In fact, that is offensive. Black households have one-tenth the wealth of white households in this country. Do you blame Black people – or the system that denied opportunity by race for 300 years? The fact is that our Civil Rights Era enabled African Americans to make great advances in the past 40 years – achieving high school, college and post graduate degrees at accelerating rates — but the disparities are still huge and will take many years to overcome without direct intervention. Does the leveling of the playing field hurt white people? No, it helps them. Enabling disadvantaged citizens (by race, culture, gender, age, disability, etc.) to contribute to the full extent of their potential helps the entire nation’s economy.


Ignorance of the past leads people to “blame the victim.” Aside from the economic damage to the society (by holding people back), “victims” tend not to take oppression well. Sometimes “victims” end up burning cars on the Champs Elysees.


Since your e-mail address is from France, I will add something else about history and mistakes.


This country would not exist had it not been for the direct and personal intervention of the French people. General Washington was able to surround the British at Yorktown and end the Revolutionary War due to the direct help of a French Army (commanded by Lieutenant General comte de Rochambeau) and a French Navy (commanded by Admiral comte de Grasse). Most Americans do not know that Washington could not have done this with the American Army alone.


This is why the ridiculous French-bashing at the beginning of the Iraq War by certain talk show hosts (and certain members of our Congress) helped us make the mistake of invading a country with bad intelligence, when our friends – a country that was responsible for us being here – were advising us otherwise.


Q. Your comments were on point.  There is nothing people of color want more than to NOT be judged by their color.  Unfortunately, too often the “mainstream” provides us with reminders of how different they perceive is to be.  The following story illustrates how far we still have to go.


During Black History Month, my 7 year old grandson challenged his teacher about black history.  He was offended that most of what she taught was “slavery and the civil rights movement [e.g. Martin Luther King].  He brought one of his black history books to school the next day and asked his teacher why she never mentioned any of the prominent black names found in his book.  Her first response was “I don’t know anything about them and I won’t teach what I don’t know”.  When he suggested that she learn by reading, she then told him the school district would not permit her to teach about “these people”.


Many African – Americans know our history and take pride in our accomplishments.  To still be left out of American hsitory books is an offense and a constant reminder that we are still not accurately perceived by the mainstream.

– Blake McMorris

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  • Regarding you statements that “Black households have one-tenth the wealth of white households in this country. Do you blame Black people – or the system that denied opportunity by race…” I have no clue beyond the obvious as to the reason you use 50 year old data to support your position, especially since current statistics show:
    1. The “average” American income is now at $63,000, and
    2. The “average” white family now live below the subsistence level in this country.
    I’m sure as a legitimate researcher you already are aware of these data but for others let well read all you really need to do is walk into any federal office building–or for those less motivated you may simply call any federal office and see whether or not the person on the other end of the line speaks with a black-American syntax.
    The bottom line is that whites, especially white males, have been put at the top of the “do not hire” list and it has now been several years since women have become “head of the household” by virtue of their employment and white males have taken over the role of house-husband. Facts which are not likely to improve as long as Barry Obama is in office.

    • Luke Visconti

      You have Internet access—look up Pew Research. Black households have 1/20th the wealth of white households. Luke Visconti, CEO, DiversityInc

      • Hello Visconti,
        I have to state that how you are handling comments here is not only unprofessional, but also unproductive. Looking up and posting people’s IP addresses is a breach of personal security and even if they are cursing you out, it is an extremely uncomfortable act. While I do know that your ip is no secret to websites, I’d like to see the internet as a comfortable medium of which those without a voice can voice their opinions without fear of being attacked.

        Also, when you address points, you quickly make assumptions which is not in your best interest to do. For example, you assumed that this man had internet access but you never thought that he could get access from a library, work, or a friend’s house. While you could figure it out from context clues, you don’t know the entire story.

        While I do agree that there is a huge gap and don’t agree that blacks blame others. I think this is a power struggle under the cover of racial bias. Whites have more power than blacks in terms of economic wealth and politics in this nation than any other race. While you say that it could be in the best interest of whites to employ well skilled blacks, they will not agree because to do so means to lose power. Power is a limited resource and if whites or any dominant power loses it to a lesser group, then it makes the dominant power extremely uncomfortable. Race is basically an excuse for both parties to either steal or hold power.

        Of course that goes without saying that it is not bad to covet power. It’s in our nature to want to be in control, to be stable. I always want to be in a dominant position because it means I can have more control. So I don’t blame either side for being racist.

        • I don’t take advice from chickens like you, so mind your own business, Mr. Anonymous. You want to be taken seriously? Post your real name, photo and address, just like me.

          I post IP addresses like yours for a reason. If something should happen to me, the cops will have a place to start.

          With you.

  • Companies now value diversity over ability. Diversity is now a billion dollar industry in our politically correct country. White people are blamed for all the troubles of the world. It is a simplistic view that appeals to simple minded liberals.
    The fact is, all races have some people who are successful and others who fail. Some fail becasue they don’t try, others fail because of unfair and prejudice practices. The envionment now is in favor of ethnic minorities, sort of affirmative action on steroids. If your an older white male with years of experience, you are out of luck in todays job market. Your too old and your skin is the wrong color. Sorry, it is true.
    Visconti makes his living from diversity, so he wont agree with me.

    • Luke Visconti

      Business leaders don’t like diversity at the expense of money, they like diversity because it’s profitable.

      What you’re feeling is the pinch of competition. Competency is favored over the “good old days.”

      How’s that second six of Old Milwaukee coming along? Luke Visconti, CEO, DiversityInc

      • “How’s that six of old milwaukee coming?” How insulting. God your an idiot.
        How’s that big paycheck coming for sucking up to political correctness and liberalism. Your are a manipulative bastard.
        I have no problem with competition, it is you that has a problem with competition. People should not have an advantage based on race, no matter what race. You are genuine tool. I dont drink old milwaukee, and even if I did, whats wrong with drinking old milwaukee, you pompous egotistical sob.

        • “You’re” is the contraction for “you are”.

          Nobody but white people get an advantage due to race (in this country).

          The problem with drinking Old Milwaukee is it tastes terrible. So what is it? Iron City?

      • your an insulting, simple minded jerk. I am sure you sleep well at night, because you are without a conscience. The only people who believe your simple minded advice are your victims. What an asshole.

  • Jackie Johnson

    Luke your the man! I agree 100% and the way your handling these ignorant comments had me laughing like crazy haha. These people aren’t bad people just uneducated on history and how things work. You don’t even have to read anymore people just Google it. You’ll find out his facts are true.

  • Mr Straight up

    Visconti, you are very liberal. Liberals dont think in a world of reality, all of you lib cunts should put in a nut house. Or maybe we should put all liberals on an island so you fuck can talk non sense into other retarded librerals ears. What really proves that you guys are literally retarded is you are going to get mad at me for saying retarded. Woow big whoop, fuck your feelings, my priorities arent what other people think. My priorities are focused on the subject of ET’s and everything about them, including their anti gravity ships and how they work and how we can colonize planets and have inter stellar traveling capabilities. i love knowledge, not negativity. Grow the fuck up libs and grow a pair. One last thing libbies, while a burglar is in your home raping your wife while you are on the phone with the police being a coward, im actually going to be a MAN and get my 1911 out and pump some bullets into the intruder.

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