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KEY RESULTSADP-profile-logo

  • Promotions for Latinos into Management: 15.4% higher than the Top 10 and 54.7% higher than the Top 50
  • Blacks, Latinos and Asians in Senior Leadership: 20.8% higher than the Top 10, 48% higher than the Top 50 and 70.3% higher than all U.S. companies
  • CEO Sign-Off on Executive Pay Tied to Diversity: 11.1% higher than the Top 10 and 22% higher than the Top 50


ADP has been accelerating the talent pipeline for women and minorities, and that has led to promotions for these groups into first level management at a comparable clip to white males.

Many of ADP’s diversity and inclusion efforts are driven through the organization’s Business Resource Groups (BRGs). The company raised the profile of BRGs by aligning what they do to broader business priorities, such as:

  • Increasing the pipeline of women in tech
  • Hiring more veterans
  • Making products LGBT friendly

The company maintained that the strategy is working, with BRG membership having more than doubled and now exceeds 5,000 associates globally with a corresponding increase in engagement for BRG members over the prior year. In addition, ADP recently launched three new global BRGs: A.S.I.A., Aspiring Success in Associates; Generations, focused on millennials; and Inspire, focused on driving innovation and continuous improvement at work and in life. “As a leading provider of human capital management solutions,” the company stated, “we think diversity is woven into every aspect of our business.”


Carlos Rodriguez

President and CEO

“The deep involvement of ADP’s leadership is a key component of our commitment to diversity. By serving as executive sponsors, mentors and role models, leaders share accountability for progress.”

Rita Mitjans

Chief Diversity and Corporate Social Responsibility Officer

“Our Business Resource Groups are great vehicles for engaging associates and connecting the importance of diversity to our business. Leveraging these groups to connect with our clients is a natural next step.”




Roseland, N.J.



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