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Ask the White Guy

  • Speaker Ryan is Soliciting

    Speaker Ryan is Soliciting

    Ryan is "not yet" ready to endorse Trump; what is he waiting for?

  • Trump’s Party Says No to the Uppity N-word Obama

    Trump’s Party Says No to the Uppity N-word Obama

    Every time someone of my generation blurts out ‘wisdom’ from the Senate leader in the workplace or to your customers, storm clouds gather. For every Trump bumper sticker in the parking lot, productivity declines.

  • Princeton University Professor Imani Perry. Photo via YouTube.

    We Were Bamboozled

    Princeton professor pulls a fast one and tries to retreat from her fraud unsuccessfully.

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Diversity Management

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Things NOT to Say

  • Trump’s Record of Hate to Date

    Trump’s Record of Hate to Date

    In just the past six months Trump has spewed invective towards Latinos, women, John McCain/POWs, people with disabilities, Muslims, Asians; hate is building his power base of less affluent, less educated Republicans.

  • Bell, Lee, Vazquez

    9 Things NOT to Say to Women Coworkers

    Before you make that “harmless” little comment to the woman in the next office, take a look at things women leaders tell us are absolute no-no’s in the workplace.

  • Photo by Shutterstock

    5 Things Not to Say to Transgender People

    Here are some words to avoid and some ways to support and be inclusive of transgender colleagues in the workplace.

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